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Programs Program Guidance for a Marine Biologist

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    Hello, I am looking to change my major to become a marine biologist. As I view the different programs that are out there I have come into a couple of conflicts I was hoping you guys could help me with. The first being I have the option to either major in biology and get a masters in marine biology, or I can major in marine science and minor in marine biology. The second option leaves my masters undecided, but I do have the option to get a masters in marine biology. So, if the second option seems better I am also wondering is it okay to major in marine science then get a masters in marine biology.
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    These questions are best answered by your course advisor. My guess is that Marine Science will give you a broader view of the field whereas Marine Biology will focus more on Biology and will of course be relevant to any Masters degree you may take. However, this isn't really enough to go on to make an informed decision and I would suggest you talk with your profs and course advisors to determine what will be best for you.

    Here's and FAQ from Cornell about their program:


    and another dated resource circa 2011 found via Google search on "Marine Science vs Marine Biology"

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