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Programs Program names and admissions considerations

  1. May 18, 2016 #1
    Hi everyone,

    some of you might laugh about what I am about to ask but I am about to start a masters in Quantum Science and Technology. Is this the equivalent to a Masters in Quantum Physics in the academia world? From a physicists stand point all the classes are about quantum mechanics and its applications in many fields but I am afraid that because the title ¨Science and Technology¨, and not Quantum Physics (Which is what the masters should be called, if you look at the courses), that some Phd programs wont consider it a masters in physics and thus not let me in. Could you please give me your opinion, do you think quantum science and technology is the same as a masters in Quantum Physics, from an academic point of view? The masters program is in this link if you could take a look at it as well and tell me what you think it will be a huge help. http://www.ehu.eus/es/web/mde/master-in-quantum-science-and-technology [Broken]

    Thank you and I know is kind of not a very sophisticated question.
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    You should start a new thread and post it in the Forum on Career Guidance. My two cents: I think that any graduate program would look closely at the actual courses taken and not rely much on the title of the program.
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    Mod note: Posts moved to Academic Guidance for a better fit.
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