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Program to solve for a formula given a set of pairs of points?

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    I'm look for a program that can solve for a general function when given a set of pairs of points?
    Does anything like that exist?

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    This doesn't exist, because there are infinitely many functions that can fit any given set of points. Is there any particular kind of function you think the points are supposed to look like? Least squares polynomial fitting is the most common type of data fitting to a function
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    I'm looking at a music synthesizer program that converts frequency of notes into a hexadecimal representation that the program reads and plays, and I'm trying to get it to play my custom songs, but I can't figure out how it's doing that conversion.
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    If the 'hexadecimal' numbers you refer to are MIDI notes, then the formula is very likely this one:

    But this is a question better suited for a sound programming forum; it has little relation to what you wrote in your first post, I'm afraid.
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