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Projector augmented wave method

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    Hi all,

    Did someone can explain me how this method is working?

    I know that PAW unifies all-electron and pseudopotential approaches using some transformation operator that is suppose to smooth the true wave function into a auxilary wave function that can easily be represented by a plane wave expansion.

    I don't understand why the transformation operator shoud be an identity plus a sum of atomic contributions and how you can get you original wave function back if you make you calculs on the auxilary and still be more computationally efficient?

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    Hello, did you find the solution. If so, please help me. I will have a presentation on APW method. Would you please help me?
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    The OP posted only one time on PF, more than 5 years ago, and hasn't been here since.

    Please do not resurrect dead threads.
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