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Proof of planetesimals for asteroid belt?

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    If asteroid belt objects are in part iron, is this then consistent with such differentiated pieces being solidified remains of a liquid core(s) of previous colliding planetesimals?

    p.s. total mass of asteroid belt may be just 4% of moon. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asteroid_belt" [Broken]
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    Hmmm...I thought I answered this.

    Most asteroid belt objects are not just iron. Only the M-types.
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    Simply put, yes. More correctly the metallic meteorites are evidence of a parent body which had differentiated into metals in the core and silicates floating on top to make the crust. This was only possible while extensive amounts of Aluminium-26 was available to create sufficient heat from its radioactive decay. As Al-26 had a half-life of less than ~0.8 million years that means the parent bodies of the metallic meteoroids formed within a few million years of the formation of the Solar system.
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