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Proof of/Reason for SVT Decomposition

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    Using the conventions of these notes (not mine).

    For a flat FRW perturbed universe, the metric is can be written in general as:
    I understand intuitively that we can decompose Bi into two parts:
    [tex]\nabla \cdot B^{\perp}=\nabla \times B^{\parallel}=0[/tex]
    In Fourier space, this means that we decompose the vector into two parts: one parallel to the wavevector k, and one perpendicular.

    (And of course, we can write a curl-less vector as a gradient of a scalar.)

    He then writes down a similar decomposition for the tensor hij (eq. 4.2.35-4.2.37). What's the reason/justification for the form of that?
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