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Proof that FTL communication quantum protocol is impossible?

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    Hi all,

    I am reading pretty much everywhere that no quantum protocol for faster-than-light communication can exist.

    Now, clearly neither super-dense coding nor any other quantum protocol I know of can be used for FTL communication - but is there a self-contained proof that no such protocol can exist? And if yes, where can I find it?

    I am asking this because last week I had to prove, for one of my courses, that a certain problem can not be solved by any quantum algorithm: I managed to prove that if the problem had a solution then FTL communication would be possible, and therefore I concluded that no algorithm could solve the problem.

    I also found -and included in my homework- a different proof of the same result by means of the no-deleting theorem, but it was definitely clunkier and less elegant than my first one.

    So, I ended up using both proofs, and justifying the first one by saying that FTL communication (and hence, the original problem) can not be performed because, in a relativistic framework, it would lead to violations of the principle of causality.

    But I wonder if a direct proof of the impossibility of using EPR pairs to transmit information without physical carriers exists - I just started taking an interest in quantum information theory, and for all I know there could be a fairly well-known theorem stating exactly this :smile:
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    Thank you for the references! :smile:
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