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Proofs from Oriti's QG book available in PDF

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    Cambridge press says available as of around 1 March, so in a couple of months.
    Samples are available of page proofs as they will, I gather, appear in the book.
    Here's the 3-page table of contents

    Here's an 11-page exerpt

    Here's the 4-page index
    So you can see, for example, how much of the book is about category theory, or how many pages are about Chern-Simons theory. Or any other topic. A book's index says a lot about it.

    There are some other sample pages...the menu of samples from the book is here:

    Oriti's 5-page preface is in the section called "frontmatter" which also has other stuff.
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    I do not found Mark's Hadley theory.
    But Ambjorn is here. That's OK.
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