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Proton decay [was: Are atoms 'perpetual machines'?]

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    don't all atoms decay? don't even protons decay?
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    Re: Are atoms 'perpetual machines'?

    To my knowledge, a proton decay has never been observed, and the two theories are either "They do not decay" or "They decay, but have a very long half-life".

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    Re: Are atoms 'perpetual machines'?

    If protons are to decay, what do they decay to?
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    Re: Are atoms 'perpetual machines'?

    One theory suggests that a proton, if it decays at all, decays into a positron and a neutral pion that itself then decays into 2 gamma ray photons. And apparently, other decay scenarios are possible. I read that in WiKi, but not sure how accurate I translated.

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