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Proton through a Particle Accelerator

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    This is 2 questions in 1 go. So my first question is how much does a Proton weigh? My second question is, what is the mass of the Proton in a particle accelerator going nearly the speed of light. I know that as you speed something up its mass increases. Also could you show me how you came to this conclusion?
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    You can easily find answers to these questions on Wikipedia


    In general, you should always try to research your question before asking it here. We try to help students with homework problems provided they post in the correct homework forum and use the homework template and we discourage questions that you can easily find on the web.
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    This is not really true. We usually use mass to refer to something called rest mass, or invariant mass. This is the type of mass that all observers will agree on and the one that Einstein's equation E=MC2 uses. Relativistic mass (which is what you're referring to) has fallen out of use.
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