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PS3 May Be In Trouble = A Cheaper SP3

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    Since it's in trouble with respect to profits do any of you predict a cheaper PS3? Could they actually make a profit with a cheaper than $ 400 PS3? Considering the fact that Blu Ray players themselves are $ 300 ... probably not.

    http://www.yahoo.com/s/956782 [Broken]
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    Maybe, but then the profit may not be from the sale of the actual console...
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    NO kidding. they could give away the consoles and probably not see a dent in their bottom line. Considering that more people would be buying games
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    Sony has been in alot of trouble even since before the PS3 came out. They decided to amp up the processing power of the system fairly high making it rather expensive considering the components alone. This was supposed to outdo XBox, which it technically does, but the problem is developers may or may not be able to take full advantage of the system's full capabilities. So long as the games are only on par with XBox and occasionally somewhat better what's the reason to purchase the more expensive console? Fewer game developers, particularly larger companies, are willing to maintain exclusive contracts now aswell so there is less likelihood there will be many popular games you can only get on one system. BluRay was a big gamble for them too since they had no idea whether or not it would become a standard or die out. So far I dont think it has caught on strongly enough.

    XBox 360 came out long before PS3 and microsoft has already made the money they needed off the box and can afford to continually bring down the price and undercut Sony. I'm pretty sure their box is much cheaper component-wise aswell.
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    I was pretty psyched about the PS3, but it didnt really catch on. One reason around here is that you can get a lot of pirated game cd's for the XBox 360 and you cant get those for the PS3. Its easier to stomach a cd for about $1 than a $40-$90 cd.
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    I was under the impression that Sony having won the format wars will be in quite a good position financially. I still prefer it and it is worth the hefty price tag. Compared to the other competition it is something quite other worldly.
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    Also, https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000PALZE0/ref=nosim/?linkCode=as1&tag=blurayforum-20.

    I think we'll start seeing a lot more deals like this in the coming months across the industry to try and increase BD's market share.

    The funniest part of all this lately is the joint marketing campaign for BD by Sony and Microsoft. They're giving away BD disks in the Oct issue of Wired while promoting Vaio and Vista.
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