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Psychologist wants to do the Hilbert thing

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    no idea what could be on the final list when it's released. I wonder what people here think:

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    A clever idea. Especially if the poll is set up the right way to harness the wisdom of the crowd.

    What will be most interesting is if the unknowns can be specified in precise ways that make them answerable. This I doubt.

    For example, is there a difference between asking "what is conscious awareness" and what is "selective attention"?

    One is too broad and entangled in a web of unscientific meanings, the other seems a better specified question along the lines of Hilbert's. It will be interesting therefore if a clarity of question asking does emerge - as the field sorely needs this kind of practical focusing.

    Kosslyn is also a good guy to be leading this project.
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    actually I just thought of something that could be on the final list. Problem 18 of Smale's http://www6.cityu.edu.hk/ma/people/smale/pap104.pdf" [Broken] asks what the limits of human & artificial intelligence are, which I think would be interesting to figure out.
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