Psychology: Rosenthal and Hawthorne Effect

  1. I keep confusing the Rosenthal Effect and Hawthorne Effect with one another. Does anyone know a good way to remember the two?


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    When you have great expectations of a weed and you enthrall it so you can harness its productive power, it become a rose

    When people are being observed by a hawk, it's like a thorn in their shoe, keeping them from stopping.


    rose is the intent
    thorn is a consequence
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    Did you just make those up?!! They are very cool!

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    I did! Copyright May 2012
  6. Hi there!

    I think you should always remember that the Rosenthal effect occurs when the outcome of a study is skewed when the subject responds based on an awareness of the experimenters expectations.The Hawthorne effect occurs when subjects performance is altered by an awareness that they are being observed. Best example is the Placebo Effect.
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