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[Q]Different interpretation of same wavefucntion.

  1. Nov 7, 2008 #1

    Is it possible that same wavefuction described by math can be interpreted to different


    For instance, Some wrote wave function as same as momentum eigenstate which is


    But he seemed claim that it is not momentum eigenstate even mathmetical formula is same

    And he assumed it is in superposition of all momentum eigenstate in oder to find probability which eigenstate is chosen after momentum measurement

    Is it possible? I know if current state is momentum eigenstate and we measure momemtum,

    we must get same momentum as same as eigenvalue of that eigenstate and measurement

    can not change current state.
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    Hm, could you post the exact argument given by this person? I agree, if it is a momentum eigenstate, measurement of momentum should give the exact eigenvalue...
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    I usually try to think of the wave function as the math that leads to the position space probability density function psi^2. I can think in spacial coordinates very well, so I think of psi^2 as the fundamental thing while I treat the underlying stuff as crazy math. I'm sure I'm missing something with this viewpoint, but that's how I visualize a wave function.
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