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I Quantization of electromagnetic field

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    Hello everybody,

    It is known that electric field operator is shown as

    [itex]\hat{E}(r,t)=-i\sum_{k,\lambda}\sqrt{\frac{\hbar\omega_k}{2\epsilon V}}\left(a(t)^\dagger_{k,\lambda} e^{-ik.r} - a(t)_{k,\lambda} e^{ik.r} \right) \hat{e}_{k,\lambda}[/itex]

    But if I need to represent an electrostatic field in a quantized form, how to proceed?

    Thank you everybody.
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    Apparently you have mixed in your expression above the electric field in the quantized and not quantized forms. AFAIK the electric field operator(electrostatic field is not a meaningful distinction here) is: ##E(r)=i\sum_{k,\lambda}\sqrt{\frac{\hbar\omega}{2\epsilon V}}\left(ξ(\lambda)a^{(\lambda)}(k) e^{ik.r} - ξ(\lambda)a^{\dagger(\lambda)}(k) e^{-ik.r} \right) ##
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    Thank you for your response.
    All of electromagnetic field quantization still really dark for me. I don't even know what question I have to ask. So, static field are not define in quantum field formulation?
    (excuse for my english)

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