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Quantum Fluctuations and Big Bang

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    I have read that quantum fluctuations have created our universe through the Big Bang. The issue that I didn't understand is that as far as I know quantum fluctuations are properties of space. How could these fluctuations exist before the Big Bang while there was no space before the Big Bang? According to my understandings, the space is a part of our universe that have been created by the Big Bang.

    Thanks to any replies.
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    This is just a speculation - we do not know if it is true. Also, "I have read" is a bad source - where did you read it?

    If it is true, there has to be something more than the universe we see - at least something where quantum mechanics can be applied in some way.
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    Actually I have read it in discussion on a forum on the internet.
    Clearly, this is not a trustful resource :smile:

    Anyway, thank you very much.
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