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Quantum Holograms: What do you think of skepdic.com?

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    I find it a very interesting and useful website, but it seems sometimes the author makes over general or unsupported statements. Specifically, i was reading his article on "quantam hologram."


    While he is right to try to seperate pseudo-science from real science, I think some of the statements go too far.

    specifically "Perception is not holographic and there is no evidence that physical objects leave behind a holographic record of their existence."

    I thought there was some evidence that they do?
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    Re: What do you think of skepdic.com?

    I don't know any evidence of holographic records. Can you cite any source?
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Re: What do you think of skepdic.com?

    As soon as he equated the words "theoretical" and "imaginary", he lost me. Purple dragons and flying pigs are imaginary - thing made up based on nothing real. Something "theoretical" is predicted to exist by a mathematical model based on real-world observations and measurements, and by applying the laws of physics. While theoretical entities could be imaginary if the theory is wrong, imaginary things never exist except in cases of pure luck or coincidence. Most siginficantly, there is no good reason to think that purely imaginary entities exist. Theoretical entities often do exist and we have very good reasons for thinking they do.

    If anyone has a scientific paper published in an appropriate journal that describes these holograms, send me a PM with a link. Until then this will all be treated as bunk.

    I read the book, The Holographic Universe, many years ago. It was apparently such bunk that I don't remember anything about it. But it was a popular book with new-agers and the like back in the 1970s or 80s.
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