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Quantum Master Equation in String Theory

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    Can anyone give me a general sense of what the quantum master equation (or BV master equation) is and how it relates to string theory? I'm an undergraduate physics student and am hoping to do research with a professor on the topic, but need some basic knowledge on the subject.
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    Sorry, what? Master equation? BV equation? I have no idea what you're talking about :confused:
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    You mean http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Batalin–Vilkovisky_formalism#Master_equation

    BV stands for Batalin–Vilkovisky
    TheWikipedia article has a section on the BV Master equation.
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    As I understand it, string theory is an extention of Quantum Field Theory from points to manifolds. So wouldn't the master equation be one that simply extends QFT from points to manifolds? What else would be needed?
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    You might find something relevant in the review C. Thorn, "String Field Theory", Phys. Rept. 175 , 1, (1989). You should be able to get a pdf version of the article by following the link to the http://www-lib.kek.jp/cgi-bin/img_index?8811139 [Broken]. You can also find recent papers which cited that review at http://inspirehep.net/search?ln=en&p=refersto:recid:265248

    This seems to be a very specialized area that would require an excellent understanding of quantum field theory, not to mention many more advanced topics. It would seem an unusual choice for an undergraduate project, but your professor might have a very specific idea in mind.
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