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Quantum Mechanics and Dialectics

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    Since I've started to study dialectical materialism, I've often heard the claim that Quantum Mechanics kind of "proves" diamat, however, I've never found an explanation of this that I was able to understand (I suck at physics).

    So, could somebody a) explain very briefly what quantum mechanics is in the first place, and b) explain what it has to do with diamat please?
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    I suggest you post one of those explanations you don't understand, there are plenty of people here who could tell you if the explanation makes sense. Quite frankly, I don't see how the two are related, but I'm no expert on Marx.
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    QM models the world as an unseen thing described by a wave function. We can only see measurements not the wave function itself. DM assumes an underlying material reality that is the background to all experience and all phenomena. Perhaps this is the connection, material reality is the wave function.
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