Quantum Mechanics describes the soul?

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Recently I was doing some reading and came across a very interesting theory. Since Quantum Entanglement says that two different particles can communicate without any phyical "touching" between the two objects. And this was compared to how the right hemisphere and left hemisphere communicate without any kind of neurotransmitter communicating the two, in the same way quantum entanglement describes. And what I read was that as your close to dying this quantum entanglement begins to communicate with the particles outside of the brain. I do understand this is speculative but I also believe this is one of the best descriptions of what happens when we die, and this aids in explaining the out-of-body experiences people have reported having in comas and near death. And I am looking for an expert point of view on this and how this could/could not work? Please go into depth with this.

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I don't know where you have been reading this but it is total nonsense, there is nothing at all to substantiate the supernatural belief in "souls". No scientific study has ever shown such a thing and there is currently no supporting evidence for a role of quantum phenomenon in consciousness. Near Death Experiences and Out-of-body experiences have both been extensively studied, if you are interested I would advise reading through the wikis on them and using them as a start to find original studies.

I strongly advise that you stop reading whatever pseudo-scientific internet sources you have found and instead search for peer-reviewed study.
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