Quantum Oscillator: Pendulum Energy Differences & Observability

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Assuming a pendulum to behave like a quantum oscillator, what are the energy differences between the quantum states of a pendulum of length 1m? Are such differences observable?

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would the energy differences just be 1 since for each energy state n you have E_n=(n+1/2)h_bar*sqrt(k/m)? This would not be observable either since these are such low energies... correct?
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Compare E_n to E_n+1
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I think they want you to calculate the energy in joules.
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But wouldn't they have provide him with the mass of the pendulum?
in his statement they only gave him the length , I think it's like robb said , a comparison between E_n and E_n+1
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No they don't, it's a pendulum in harmonic oscillation, so you can say its angular frequency is simply sqrt(g/L), then solve for (1/2)hw

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