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Quantum Physics take on Free-will

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    I understand it’s consciousness that creates a particle though the action of collapsing a wave of possibilities however there is something that puzzles me.

    When consciousness collapses a wave what determines the actual position of the particle? Is it the particle saying “Hi, I’m over here” or does the consciousness tell the particle where to reveal itself?

    If the particle reveals itself then what does that say about consciousness' ability to have free-will? To me, free-will provides consciousness with the ability to say to the particle “when I look I want you to appear there” - not the other way around.

    If the particle reveals itself then surely there must have something behind the screens pulling it’s strings.

    If consciousness is in charge then what does quantum physics say how to get see a particle in a desired position?

    I look forward to any relies on this matter.

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    That's a common misconception from reading populist, well, rubbish.

    Consciousness has nothing to do with it.

    QM is a theory about quantum systems leaving marks here in the common sense macro world that exists external to us regardless of if anyone is looking etc etc.

    Free will is perfectly compatible with even classical physics because in practical terms, due to chaotic behavior, its impossible to predict anything with any accuracy so the future is inherently unknowable.

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