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Quantum physics vs classical physics

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    what i wanna know is why classical physics does not work on quantum level particles?
    what are the consequences of using classical physics on quantum level particles?
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    You get the wrong answers, for one. The reason quantum physics was developed was to properly describe the behavior of fundamental particles because the classical ideas failed. For example, the classical electron should fall into the nucleus and emit light as it does. That doesn't happen. They tried to fix the theory but nothing worked. So QM replaced it almost immediately (within a few years) upon its discovery.
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    There are problems with classical physics applied to quantum objects; you can't explain
    - the double-slit experiment using classical mechanics of point particles
    - the photoelectric effect using classical electromagnetism
    - the blackbody radiation using classical electromagnetism
    - the stability of atoms using classical mechanics + electromagnetism
    - the spectrum of more complex atoms (the Bohr model only works for hydrogen-like atoms)
    - ...
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