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Quark Combinations for Protons and Neutrons

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    My physics teacher asked me to name the combinations of quarks that could make up a proton and a neutron;

    uud = proton
    udd = neutron

    But is that all? Does it have to be 2 up quarks and 1 down quark to make the proton? Why not 2 charm quarks and 1 strange quark, for example? Or 2 top and 1 bottom?

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    Yes, particles can be made with many different quark types and combinations, but they are not protons and neutrons. your example of scc is called a double charmed omega particle. that particle is unstable and decays after a very short amount of time.

    as for your btt example, top quarks are so unstable they do not last long enough to form hadrons.
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