Quatum Mechanics Explains Black Hole Jets

  1. I just had general question about weather or not QM forces a limit on the minimum volume of a BH as well as explains the jets emitted by BH's. It seems obvious that QM would limit the minimum volumn of a BH based on Heisenbergs uncertainty principal. If the volumn were unbounded and could approach zero (singularity), then the uncertainty in momentum would be infinite. Special relativity limits the velocity of mass to less than c, thus the uncertainty in momentum is bounded (since BH's can't create mass or energy), and so is the minimum volume. As for the jets, Heisenbergs Uncertainty Principle would seem to explain why these jets exist - extrememly confined volume and a large uncertainty in momentum. Does any one have any papers or articles they could refer me to regarding any limitations QM places on Black holes?
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