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The Winnipeg Jets are a professional ice hockey team based in Winnipeg. They compete in the National Hockey League (NHL) as a member of the North Division. The team is owned by True North Sports & Entertainment and plays its home games at Canada Life Centre.
The Jets were established as the Atlanta Thrashers on June 25, 1997, and became the League's 28th franchise when they began play in the 1999–2000 NHL season. True North Sports & Entertainment then bought the team in May 2011 and relocated the franchise from Atlanta to Winnipeg prior to the 2011–12 season (the first NHL franchise to relocate since the Hartford Whalers became the Carolina Hurricanes in 1997). The team was renamed the Jets after Winnipeg's original WHA/NHL team, which relocated after the 1995–96 season to become the Phoenix Coyotes.

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  1. KukyZ

    A jet problem -- How hard to pull back on the controls to avoid colliding with a hill?

    The answer should be 10 m/s^2 but I don't know how to solve it
  2. berkeman

    Why does this refueling pod on Navy fighter jets have a propeller?

    I was watching some videos of aircraft carrier cat shots of fighter jets today (don't ask), and was surprised to see in a slow-motion closeup shot that one of the underwing pods on an FA-18 had a propeller spinning on its nose. That seemed pretty strange to me, so I did some Google searching...
  3. haushofer

    I Formation of jets with accretion disks at black holes

    Dear all, I'm going to give a course about black holes at an astrophysics association. The public will consist mainly of lay persons, perhaps wit a little bit of physics background. My background in General Relativity is good, but my background in astrophysics at bit less. My question is if you...
  4. berkeman

    Wait, what? Whose fighter jets are those?

    Those don't look like US fighter jets that I'm familiar with (but I could be wrong). Who is launching these US hypersonic missle tests? https://www.cnn.com/2022/07/13/politics/us-hypersonic-tests/index.html
  5. A

    Can Flame Jets Effectively Constrain Plasma in Fusion Reactors?

    I have a idea for a plasma based fusion reactor. Using a combusting hydrogen/other reactant generate a flame jet to actively confine the plasma and possibly using a helium compressed jet stream as well to bring down turbulence. My friend already says these will destroy the plasma but I am am...
  6. C

    I What powers the quasar magnetic beams that power jets?

    I am reading up on quasars because I am interested in the magnetic beams that emanate from their poles, accelerating material. I read that the magnetic beams are generated by the orbiting debris the quasar is consuming. Sorry, that doesn't sound right to me. I assumed the black hole core is...
  7. E

    Find the altitude and the speed of two jets with Doppler Effect

    Being honest, I couldn't do any works for this problem... (even couldn't start...) Does anyone can help me for solving this...? Thank you!
  8. mfb

    Boeing Debris found in fuel tanks of 70% of inspected 737 Max jets

    Yes, that 737 Max. News. It's unclear if these airplanes were supposed to be delivered to customers already if the 737 Max wouldn't be grounded for other reasons, but foreign objects in more than half of the inspected planes is certainly nothing customers want to see. There are 350 more aircraft...
  9. F

    1968 NY Jets vs. 2018 Clemson Tigers football team---Who would win?

    The 1968 New York Jets went 11-3, winning Superbowl III. The 2018 Clemson Tigers football team went 15-0, and won the National College Football championship. Obviously, the 1968 New York Jets players were a far more elite echelon of football players in 1968, relative to other football players in...
  10. M

    B Particle Deceleration in Relativistic Jets?

    I have a question about this picture: It shows matter traveling at relativistic velocities away from a black hole: "Figure 5.21: This VLA image of the radio-loud quasar 3C 175 shows the core, an apparently one-sided jet, and two radio lobes with hot spots of comparable flux densities. The jet...
  11. M

    B Antimatter in relativistic jets

    I have read that relativistic jets emitted by black holes are thought to contain a mixture of matter and antimatter including positrons and electrons. Is there any mechanism known that would lead to matter or electron concentration in one of the two relativistic jets, and antimatter or positron...
  12. W

    MHB Quadratic application question what was the jets speed from Bangkok to Tokyo

    Hey this Quadratic application question is giving me trouble. A jet flew from Tokyo to Bangkok, a distance of 4800km. On the return trip, the speed was decreased by 200km/h. If the difference in the times of the flights was 2 hours, what was the jets speed from Bangkok to Tokyo? Just need the...
  13. M

    MHB How long will it take for the jets to be 9128 miles apart?

    Two jets leave an airport at the same time, flying in opposite directions. The first jet is traveling at three hundred seventy-seven mph and the other at two hundred seventy-five mph. How long will it take for the jets to be 9128 miles apart? My Effort: Jet 1: rate = 377 mph time = x...
  14. G

    Air resistance that affects jets and people

    I wanted to ask. Since jets fly at great speed, often even supersonic, I'm curious about next things: 1) What is the relation between air resistance force and energy? 2) How does all that force resistance affect a pilot? 3) What protection do they have, if any? 4) And purely speculative...
  15. T

    Is it possible for electric flight packs to exist like jets?

    In wingless flight packs, is it possible to replace jet / fuel engines with electric motors that fly in a similar way to jetpacks? Can electric motors also produce thrust required to lift a person upwards, enabling them to fly? If so, how would they work?
  16. B

    Can someone explain the theory of impact of jets?

    So I did this lab on momentum on jets and the theory is that "a force is applied on the plate due to change of momentum" the jet both impacted on a flat plate and on a hemispherical plate; now i understand that the greater the angle of deflection of the water jet, the greater the change of...
  17. ChrisVer

    A How reliable are MC simulations when it comes to jets?

    I have been reading in papers here and there, that di/multi-jet MC generated or even other process that have one or more associated jets are used for tag-and-probing or for training several BDTs and so on. Some experiticians (theoreticians who produce experiments) are also relying on how well...
  18. D

    B Sgr A Relativistic Jets Visible?

    Hello, Question: If Sgr A were to emit relativistic jets, say... to a 90 degree angle from what we see as the Milky Way, how visible would that be to us on Earth? The pictures I see on the internet suggest that the jets are about twice as long as galaxies themselves. This makes me think that...
  19. jmalitz

    Liquid Fueled Engine: A New Perspective

    I know that this has been talked about already, but from the responses, I feel the topic was not addressed to the fullest, but as we know a Jet engine is subject to the amount of O2, so i was looking at a earlier post about this topic. within the replies to that topic the rocket engine was...
  20. patellar-myotatic

    A Quantify the mass of polar jets

    I would like a discussion to quantify just how much mass is ejected at the poles (including the mass equivalence of the photons) when jets form. In quasars the black hole presumably reaches over a Billion solar masses, where the mass is proportionate to the mass of the galaxy and is also related...
  21. L

    I What Causes Jets to Entrain Mass?

    I have done a research on google but still i can't find a reason why air is entrained in jets. An example of a jet is the fuel jet in a combustion chamber of a diesel engine. I suspect it has to do with the conservation of mass principle. Thank you in advance.
  22. B

    What's going on with the jets from SS433?

    See this Utube video:
  23. B

    I Could 0.9c neutron star jets originate from the core?

    Could neutron star jets with velocity greater than 0.9c be caused by a mix of ultra-relativistic core material escaping the star? See this link: http://www.dailygalaxy.com/my_weblog/2015/08/neutron-star-jets-near-speed-of-light-rival-those-of-black-holes.html
  24. B

    B Chemical composition of relativistic neutron star jets?

    Is there any good information about the chemical composition of relativistic jets from neutron stars? If the chemical composition of the jets was different from the accretion material it could shed light on the process that forms the jets.
  25. B

    Could accretion on a neutron star’s poles cause the jets?

    Could accreting material on a neutron star’s poles impact with enough energy to initiate fusion reactions, some of which escapes the star as ultra-relativistic jets?
  26. ChrisVer

    Anti-##k_T## algorithm for jets

    First I'll try to give a summary of what I understand about the anti-##k_T## algorithm (as a continuation for a particle flow algorithm)... The algorithm uses an iterative clustering with transverse momentum ##p_T## weighted distance parameter and is applying a selection on the "protojets". For...
  27. E

    Comparison between CFD results and experimental data

    Hi everybody, my question is not properly about CFD but mainly about Fluid Dynamics itself. I have performed a RANS simulation of a round jet of methane and air and now I'd like to compare those results to some experiments. Unfortunately there aren't papers about experimental data for...
  28. T

    Exploring the Milky Way's Core Jet: A Puzzling Outflow

    Milky Way core drives wind at 2 million miles per hour -- ScienceDaily http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2015/01/150105182525.htmThe article graphic shows three distinct flows of material... One moving towards earth One moving away from earth And One with no net motion along the line of...
  29. E

    Mass/Energy of Relativistic Jets?

    Supermassive black holes sometimes have extended relativistic jets emerging from the poles. They are HUGE and powerful and fast. Has there been research into the mass of such jets? Any other impressive statistics about just how much mass and energy these things contain?
  30. anorlunda

    Heavy atoms in black hole jets.

    A recent APOD page discussed jets ejected from black holes. It said, "Recent evidence indicates that these jets are composed not only electrons and protons, but also the nuclei of heavy elements such as iron and nickel." What is thought to be the mechanism of production of these heavy nuclei?
  31. M

    What is the estimated mass flow in relativistic jets from black holes?

    I have done a little reading on relativistic jets coming out of black holes. No where could I find a hypothetical amount of mass getting launched out of the poles. I was looking for an "amount per second" estimate. I know that it probably differs depending on how large the BH is, I am just...
  32. M

    Articles & Journals for Flow from Impinging Jets, Velocity Measurement

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone can recommend any good articles or journals with valid and good velocity data for flow from an impinging jet on a flat surface with an approximate Reynolds number of around 75,000 to 90,000? I have looked and seem to have lots of data for heat coefficients but...
  33. D

    Conceptual portion of Relativistic Jets Problem

    1. The full problem statement, all variables and given/known data The problem can be found http://www.astro.umd.edu/~chris/Teaching/ASTR498E_Spring_2006/homework5.pdfif any of my description is lacking. I have solved successfully part a), most of b), and c) for the problem, but part d)...
  34. B

    Can Plasma from Neon Tubes Create a Plasma Jet?

    I just randomly thought of this topic one day and was curious since. Is it possible to use a plasma jet and make a "plasma jet" with the plasma from a neon tube? Please explain why and maybe how?
  35. S

    What's the Deal with Astrophysical Jets?

    Jets in space seem like a really common thing, they're found associated with active galaxies, protostar accretion disks, and around neutron stars and stuff. But from what I understand, no one really knows how they work. Or rather, there's no... "equation" for them. The process that forms these...
  36. S

    Exploring the Differences Between Jet and Propeller Engines: Thrust vs Lift

    So I've always wondered about how the characteristics of Jets and Props differ. I've always thought of Jets as being low volume high pressure where as props of being high volume low pressure. I have a 750cc Jet ski that uses a water pump impeller as propulsion and it accelerates very quickly...
  37. Q

    When were hadron jets first discovered?

    Hey guys! I have a quick question! When were hadron jets first dicvovered? I would appreciate a year and month if possible:smile:
  38. U

    Instability of Liquid Jets: Incorporating a forcing function

    Hi, I am working with a droplet generation system that is designed to produce monodisperse droplets. A periodic disturbance of appropriate frequency (kHz) is applied to a piezoelectric ceramic, transferred to an orifice disk (fitted within the ceramic by means of a Teflon O-ring), then sent to...
  39. Islam Hassan

    Relativistic Jets from Supermassive Black Holes?

    If nothing can escape black holes, how are relativistic jets of particles and radiation emitted from the supermassive variety of the same? Are they emitted from the BH proper or from something else? IH
  40. L

    What are the jets from a feeding blackhole made of?

    Hi all, The traditional image of a "feeding" black hole has jets spewing from either pole of the axis of rotation. I know that these jets are accellerated to almost the speed of c, but I have been unable to determine if these jets are of mater / particles or energy. Could you tell me which...
  41. R

    Einstein equation and particle jets

    Does anyone know if Einstein equation predicts the existence of particle jets fired by massive black holes observed by NASA from active galaxies? If yes, what would be the predicted relation between the black hole mass and rotation speed to the flux of matter ejected, how long these jets...
  42. D

    Those Jets from the poles of black holes

    Can anyone point me to a journal article that describes, mathematically or otherwise, how those jets shoot from the poles of some black holes with accretion discs and AGN. Also, if you will forgive the additional question, is there any reason why the physics that describe the ejection from...
  43. J

    News Why is the tax code giving special treatment to corporate jets?

    Here is an excerpt from the President's June 29, press conference. http://m.whitehouse.gov/blog/2011/06/29/president-obama-our-economy-and-debt-limit-now-time-go-ahead-and-make-tough-choices" As I understand it, the tax code is thousands of pages long and is filled with special conditions...
  44. A

    Color of Gluon Jets in Electron-Positron Annihilation

    What is the color of gluon (or gluon jets) predicted according to QCD? Here, I am talking about electron-positron annihilation that may cause gluon jets.
  45. Z

    Solving For Mass Flow Rate of Two Water Jets

    Homework Statement I am supposed to find the mass flow rate for the two resulting water jets. Homework Equations Bernoulli's equation Mass Continuity equation Momentum equation The Attempt at a Solution I've assumed the two areas for jet A and B to be equal, and used mass...
  46. C

    Why are particles produced in jets?

    Hi, I'm having trouble understanding jets. After say, the initial collision, I get that you have a bunch of quarks and gluons left over. And that they must hadronize into colorless objects. But I'm not sure I get the jets part. I understand if we have two quarks that around bound...
  47. J

    What was the jets speed from bangkok to tokyo

    Hi i am stuck on this question i feel like i am missing information to solve it. A jet flew from Tokyo to Bangkok, a distance of 4800km. on the return trip, the speed was decreased by 200km/h. if the difference in times of the flights was 2 hours, what was the jets speed from bangkok to tokyo.
  48. O

    Radiation of gluon jets - Peskin final project question

    Hello, this is the first time I post here, so if this is not in the correct section please let me know... I'm working on solving the first final project in peskin - Radiation of gluon jets. In this project we assume a simplified model for the gluon - it is a massive vector boson (with a...
  49. R

    Fluid velocity in free jets doubt

    Hi friends This isn't a homework poblem. However,I got this confusion when i was solving some problems. Consider fluid flowing out of a tank as shown in figure attached. Fluid moves out of pipe through a nozzle (generally used to accelerate the fluid). Now if we apply bernoulli's equation...
  50. R

    Free Jet Pressure: Atmospheric or Boiling?

    Hi friends Consider a tank with a small nozzle at the bottom open to atmosphere. Water falls down through the nozzle as free jet as in figure attached . According to books pressure within this free jet at any point say point 1 will be equal to atmospheric pressure. This is because pressure at...