Query - could a comet impact create a wormhole?

In summary, the conversation discusses the possibility of a comet or asteroid impact creating a mini wormhole or black hole. It is determined that a supernova creates a black hole and there is no known way for an impact to create one. The group also discusses the potential impact damage of comets, asteroids, and meteors, with size and speed being determining factors. The conversation also touches on the idea of a comet traveling through a black hole and creating a wormhole, but this is deemed unlikely due to current understanding of black holes. The possibility of creating a wormhole through a huge explosion is also discussed, but it is concluded that current theories do not support this idea.
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probably a dumb question but

could a comet or asteroid impact ever create a mini wormhole or mini black hole or the like?

also what's worse in terms of impact damage? - a comet, asteroid or meteor?

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A supernova creates a black hole - there is nowhere near enough energy in an impact to create one.

What's worse is a matter of size and speed, so it could be either a comet or asteroid. A meteor is basically a small asteroid.
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what (in theory) could cause a wormhole then?
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stany said:
what (in theory) could cause a wormhole then?

Depending on who you talk to, they might tell you that every kerr black hole contains a wormhole.
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hmmm. what about a comet that's traveled through a black hole and hit something? maybe thatd make a wormhole (just a lille one)
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As far as we know, nothing at all may travel through a black hole, or in better words, ever escape it's event horizon once passed.
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>whats worse in terms of impact damage? - a comet, asteroid or meteor?<

At the velocities and energies of a typical impact, one ignores the cohesive forces of the impact body. In other words, it hardly matters whether we get hit by a dense mass of dust or a steel ball of the same mass and trajectory -- if it's big enough and fast enough, you don't want to be near where it lands.

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so what was all that business with the Large Hadron Collider possibly creating mini black holes or wormholes due to the enegry created?

couldnt something like a comet impact from a supernova do something similar...you would think something like a comet impact would create MASSIVE amount of energy - like 10,000 nuclear bombs or something!
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stany said:
what (in theory) could cause a wormhole then?

A worm :smile:

Wormholes in spacetime currently require one or more impossible things to make them work (such as exotic matter which creates negative curvature), and are therefore mainly science fiction. A certain amount of speculation goes on about how one method may be a little less impossible than another, but this isn't really mainstream physics.
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could anything like an huge huge huge explosion of matter create a WH then? I am talking in Science Fiction terms here of course...

say for example...an asteroid or comet hit - I am talking BIG - like a dino ELE one
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No. Lots of energy simply is not enough. Even if we talk about a quark star impacting a neutron star at 90% of the speed of light - it won't create a wormhole, and certainly not a half way reasonably stable one on top of that.

If you aim at writing a SF story, and want a wormhole creation as close as possible to reality, you can't. There is no theory yet that describes making wormholes that does not include some ingredient that needs to be invented along the way. You just cannot take even all the energy there is and turn it into a wormhole while being consistent with any theory we have today. End of story. Your best shot can only be to make something up. You may take some of the aforementioned ideas as a basis and "invent" a way to make it possible (breaking any existing theory along the way), or just come up with "something" on your own.
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thanks for the responses

hmmm maybe stick with the comet thing as i quite like that but a comet that's comprised of special supernova anti matter dust or something LOL man i don't know (hey it worked for the new star trek movie - red matter)

...maybe a comet that's come from a supernova and is supercharged with part of the supernova or something (man i sound like a 3 year old trying to come up with this stuff)
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Sorry, that's all just gibberish. OP answered, thread locked.

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