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Question about a Discrete Structures class

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    I'm in a bit of a hairy situation right now. Spring 2010 will be my last semester at my current school studying Forensic Science, and in the fall I'll be transferring to a physics program at another school. I'm trying to get some classes in that will help me in th fall before I leave but there's not many options. I'm enrolled in a 3rd semester of Calculus and some basic courses that are required at any college (GOV 101 etc..). There is an opening in a Discrete Structures class that fits perfectly into my schedule and I was just wondering if anyone here can recommend that I take it or not. I'm not really sure what Discrete Structures involves, but from what I gather it is the opposite of Calculus and Analysis, so will it be a problem for me to take both together? I'm just looking for any opinions and guidance... Thanks in advance.
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    Delete please, I posted in wrong thread
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    The syllabi in these classes vary quite a bit in my experience. You'll probably see a little bit of combinatorics, number theory, set theory, algorithms, Boolean algebra, graphs, logic, induction, matrices, etc. They touch on a lot of things, but never go into too much depth.

    You're correct, the class gets it's name because it coveres the opposite of continuous, which is the domain of calculus and analysis. You should be perfectly fine taking this class and Calc III together.
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    Thanks a lot! I appreciate the advice and the discription.
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