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Question about applicants to medical school

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    If a medical school has about 3,000 applicants, does that mean applicants that meet the requirements (such as MCAT score) to go the school?

    I do not mean in a specific case, just as a general rule. Thank you
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    I dont know much about medical school admission in the US, but i would imagine that there are very limited places like there are here in Australia, and there are generally more applicants that meet each specific requirement than there are places, so thats when it will boil down to performance in interviews etc. A bit like applying for a top university; while there will probably always be students who are high academic achievers and meet minimum entry requirements, and the schools cant take everyone, so will probably cut people out based on other non-academic activities.
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    Most of the 3000 applicants are applying from other universities. Of those 3000, less than half with be asked for an interview. Only applicants who are interviewed will be selected for the new medical class (usually 100-200, depending on class size). Some universities reserve seats for students who attended the same university the medical school is located at, but that is not always the case.

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    As a general rule, each school has N positions and M >> N applicants. The school ranks the applicants using an internal formula based on grades, experience, reference letters, interview scores, personal statements, etc. Those ranked 1 through N are offered admission. Those from N+1 through M are not.

    Most schools will also create a "waiting list" for candiates ranked N+1 through N+50 or so, to offer out any places not taken by top applicants, as some people are accepted at multiple schools.
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    Not necessarily, there are students (in US) who apply to "reach" schools, just to see if they can make the cut for the interview. Now is a school has an average gpa acceptance rate of 3.6, and an average MCAT rate of 34....you can be sure there are going to be people who apply with 3.3 GPA's and 30 MCAT scores.
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    Andy Resnick

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    I would think so. For example, IIRC we had ~2500 applicants, interviewed ~900, accepted ~200, and had an enrollment of ~100.
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