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Question about conductivity and metal bonds

  1. Mar 19, 2012 #1
    Hello everybody. I would like to ask the following:
    Imagine a source of strong electric filed. For example a positively charged metal sphere. Then we put a small (relatively to the source of the electric field) metal object in the electric field. Electron inside the metal move in such way, that they compensate the electric field inside the metal. The final picture is that some of the electrons are located at the one end of the metal. So, my question is, how that displacement of the electrons affect metal bonds in the metal. If the electric field is stronger do more electron displace and if so, what keep metal atoms together?
    The question may look extremely stupid, but it is not. I request only serious answers with scientific foundation. As addition I am curious which electrons are mobile and can move freely at the presence of electric field, only valence electrons or other too? Does the electric filed affect metal strength and so on.

    Thank you for your attention.
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    If you are suggesting that the strength would be affected then you would need to consider the total number of electrons involved in the bonding and the number of electrons which would actually be displaced by the existence of an external field. I think the effect would be undetectable.
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