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Question about effects of quick pipeline shut-down…

  1. Jul 7, 2010 #1
    How are you predicting the effects of emergency shut-down scenarios on your pipeline networks?

    I'm seeking some input on the tools you use to predict mechanical effects (hammering, etc.) from critical scenarios such as emergency shut-down.
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    What kind of liquid? Density (gas or liquid) makes a huge difference.
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    Thanks for your response!
    The liquid would be crude oil...
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    After doing a little research, I actually came across a webinar that will apparently cover these topics - looks like it's part 3 of a larger series. Here's the address, as it looks like it's open to the public:

    http://www.flowmaster.com/webinars/...il&utm_campaign=FMUSA_P&P _Part3_Webinar_Q310
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