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Question about energy and absorbtion

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    ((I don't really know where to post this))

    What exactly would it take for a human to absorb energy from another human or anything for that matter, and use it.

    I don't think it is probable, I just wan't to know what it would take.

    A few questions I have:

    1.) If it could happen in some way, would the human have to exert an equal amount of work to make it happen?

    2.) Given number 1 is true, wouldn't it be pointless?

    3.) Is there such thing as latent energy to absorb in living beings? Is there any evidence for it?
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    I'm not exactly sure what you are asking about! If you sit close to another person, you will absorb some of the heat energy they radiate. When you eat food, you are absorbing the chemical energy contained in the food. When you breathe you take in oxygen and, again, the chemical energy held the oxygen molecule. When the carbohydrate molecules oxydize, those chemical energies are converted into work done by your muscles.

    1. Yes, by "conservation of energy" any energy you absorb would have to be equal to the energy the other person lost, created by some "equal" amount of work.

    2. If you were freezing to death and the other person climbed into a sleeping bag to warm you up, it surely wouldn't be "pointless"!

    3. I have no idea what you mean by "latent energy".
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    'weird question, I think he\'s trying to ask sort of the X-Men, Rogue\'s special ability or something. Obviously we get energy from food and heat from light etc. and all it takes is nothing but what we usually do. However, if you mean absorb a lot of energy like the fictional character, then I guess it would take some special power to do it.'
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