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Question about energy and absorbtion

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    ((I don't really know where to post this))

    What exactly would it take for a human to absorb energy from another human or anything for that matter, and use it.

    I don't think it is probable, I just wan't to know what it would take.

    A few questions I have:

    1.) If it could happen in some way, would the human have to exert an equal amount of work to make it happen?

    2.) Given number 1 is true, wouldn't it be pointless?

    3.) Is there such thing as latent energy to absorb in living beings? Is there any evidence for it?
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    The only thing that immediately comes to mind is the sharing of body heat either for comfort or to overcome hypothermia.
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    Heat is one way. I like Danger's comment - heat for comfort.

    If I pick up someone, I increase their gravitational potential energy, but I would expend some effort and then I'll have to put them down some time.

    Food provides energy, and it must be consumed and digested to release the stored chemical energy.

    We breathe air and extract the oxygen which is necessary of cellular metabolism.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    We absorb energy from the sun and wind. If I punch someone in the nose they absorb some of the energy from my fist. If someone listens to me talk, they absorb some of the energy from the sound that I produce.

    If you are asking if there is an energy transfer in some form such as "life energy", or "thought energy", then no, we don't know of any such energy, and we don't know of any transmission of energy from one person to another.
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    Ok good, you guy's might think this is funny but I am going to bring this stuff up in a debate with a "real vampire" lol. I just wanted to really put him to shame and hopefully make him think "well maybe I'm not a vampire" (if that is even possible)
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