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Question about getting into physics grad school

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    I am a physics major just finishing a two year associate's degree. I have a 4.0 GPA and am transfering to an undergrad program in the fall, but not sure which one. I ultimately want to receive a PhD in physics and work in research. My question is this:

    Right now I have my choice of undergrad programs pretty much narrowed down between two local schools. One is a liberal arts school and the other is more known for there science and engineering. However, I was offered a full scholarship from the liberal art school and only some aid from the other. What I want to know is if I do accept the scholarship, how adversely will this affect my chances to get into a good grad program. This is assuming that all else is equal (I keep a very high GPA and participate in research internships). I have heard that where one attends grad school is more important than undergrad and I am trying to weigh the financial benefits with the educational benefits. Otherwise I am quite ignorant on the topic. I am sure many people reading this have already been through the whole grad school process and if anyone can offer there opinion I would certainly appreciate it.
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    Is either one of them more prestigious than a state U? Have you talked to the physics people at either school? What did they say if you did? If you didn't go do that and come back afterwards.

    If neither school is recognizable by name I would say that as long as know they both have decent physics programs that it probably doesn't matter. You have to go talk to the physics dept. at each school. Maybe you could set up a meeting with a professor at each school if they are fairly small schools.
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    The most important priority is that you finish the undergraduate physics program. As long as you finish the undergraduate program with decent research and grades, then anything is possible, but if you can't finish the program for whatever reason, then nothing is possible.
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