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Question about Gibb's Free Energy and Equilibrium

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    for the reaction ATP + H2O -> ADP + H2PO4- Delta(G^0)= -30.5 kj/mol

    A)if 0.5 mol of ATP, 1 mol of H2O, 1.5 mol of ADP, and 0.2 mol of H2PO4- are mixed in a 2.2L container at 23C, which direction would the reaction shift to reach equilibrium? I used Delta(G) = Delta(G^0) + RT*ln(Q) I used 0.273 for Q and got Delta(G) to be -33.69 kJ/mol and that the reaction shifts to the right.
    Can someone check this?

    B) "what is the maximum work that can be done by this reaction under standard state conditions?"
    i know i use Delta(G) = W_max, but would I need to change all concentrations to 1 Molar first since it asks for standard states?
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    In principle yes but
    at these high concentrations it makes no sense to use concentrations. You would have to use activities.
    The question is completely void of any practical relevance if not chemical impossible. Where is it from?
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