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Question about magnetic shielding

  1. Feb 24, 2014 #1
    so i understand that if there's a piece of metal between 2 repulsing magnets, the magnets attract to the metal as well, and the repulsion could cancel out the attraction... right? i mean is this even true.
    if not why not...

    if it is true, then is it possible to have 2 wheels of repulsing magnets drive itself based on the attraction of the magnet to the piece of metal and the repulsion on the other magnet wheel...
    why or why not...

    i know i'm like thermodynamically ignorant.. so please educate me...
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    Thread closed.

    alodia -- we do not discuss perpetual motion machines (PMMs or "magnetic motors") here on the PF. They are on the list of Forbidden Topics in the PF Rules (see Site Info at the top of the page).

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