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Question about my project drone

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    Hey guys ,
    I am in last year of BE mechanical.
    And I wanted to built a project on drone.
    And I need your help would you help me in case of that....
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    Hi Dhruvik. :welcome:

    That's a good engineering question, but you won't get an answer here because you have asked it in the wrong place. See what I wrote to another poster in this response: https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/pipe-diameter-increase.819442/#post-5143656

    I suggest that you flesh out your message with ideas you have thought of, and ideas you have discounted, to show that you have given your project serious thought, then post in our forum Engineering Systems & Design, you'll see it listed on our home page. Don't forget to mention cost limits, so readers don't expend time coming up with unrealistic possibilities.

    Good luck!
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