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Need help with my project -- microcontroller for DC motor controller

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    Hello, I'm a student currently doing my final year degree course in University College Sedaya International.
    I have given a project called as Microcontroller for DC motor control. The requirement of the project are :-
    1). Type of Microcontroller = Microchip PIC16F876
    2). DC motor
    3). The project have to be interfaced with personal computer to control the speed, direction, torque and position.
    4). Have to monitor the speed and the turns of the motor in per sec.

    So, I'm looking for some sources to complete my project successfully. But I'm not so familiar with this project and i'm seeking for some help.Is that possible for me to get the circuit diagram and the explanation of it.
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    The PIC microcontrollers have been around along time now and there is a large amount of information about their practical application on the internet .

    If you just search on ' pic microcontroller motor control ' you'll get all the information you need for your project .
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    The first microcontroller I programmed was a PIC 18F series. I had never programmed a microcontroller although I had done a lot of troubleshooting of microcontroller systems. I used MPLab offered free from the microchip website. I programmed in C which was a first for me also. It's not that hard if you take the time and you have the appropriate background which I would assume you do since you are in school.
    It can be very intimidating since any microcontroller is a fairly complex device. The PICs are loaded with a lot of peripherals (A/D convertors, timers, etc.) so it seems a bit more intimidating but in the end it actually makes it easier. Don't let it get to you. Have you downloaded MPLab and gotten familiar with the editor?
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    Here's a suggestion that might help. Since the micro controller will need drive circuitry to control the DC motor, try to design and test the drive circuit as a stand alone project with the input requirements of the driver corresponding to the outputs from the PIC Micro controller. If your planning to use PWM, the micro controller output can temporarily simulated with a 555 timer. Once the circuit is working satisfactorily, the information and knowledge gained from this design process will help with the design of the driver interface to connect the PIC to the driver and the software for the PIC to run. If there are problems under hardware/software control, knowing the driver is working standalone gives you the opportunity to focus on the micro controller side of things. Overtime you may develop a "toolbox" from your working prototypes which make future projects easier.

    Determine the drive requirements (electrical and load) of your motor and work backwards to the output of the drive circuit and eventually back to how you plan to interface the micro controller to the drive circuit under software and maybe interupt control. Hope some of these ideas gives you some more ideas. Good luck
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