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Medical Question about nanobots and medical science

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    Question for the near future when nanobots are commonly used in medical science and most persons carry them around in their bodies millions at a time.

    Can bacterii and or a virus incorporate nanobots in its system and subsequently adapt them for their own use?

    Imagine a cellkiller nanobot infused in a virus.
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    Andy Resnick

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    Sheesh- if you are going to make things up, be a little more creative.

    Imagine the nanooptobiorobocyborg virii incorporating into a super-organism, and that we humans become an infectious agent into *it*.
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    As Andy says that is a little farfetched, viruses and robots don't normally breed (they are different religions)
    However nanobots will presumably be targeted on particular chemical signatures of viruses and bacteria or rogue ( cancerous) cells, naturally viruses evolve to try and look chemically like the body's own cells in order to escape detection by the bodies own killer nanobts, the white blood cells.
    So there will be a continued arms race between viruses and nanobots to try and evade detection and hunt them down, pretty much as there is now with drug resistanct bacteria and anti-biotics but hopefully better targeted and more effective on our side.
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    Nanobottechnology for medical purposes can be available in the next 10/20 years.

    As for my question I was more thinking about symbiose between the virus and the nanobots followed by evolution of the new virus.
    A virus with 21st century powertools (are we giving a virus the possibility to leap evolution millions of years?).
    As for thinking about the producers, those nanobots will be produced in the country with the cheapest labourforce greatly influencing their quallity or by a roque nation with dubious goals.

    And yes my question formed after watching The Terminator followed by Visions Of The Future (Michio Kaku) about nanobottechnology in medical science.
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