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Question about Physical Chemistry Graduate School

  1. Nov 28, 2015 #1
    I'm currently a freshman a MIT. I was planning to do a Chemistry and Physics double major but after looking at the requirements for a Chemistry minor, it wouldn't take any additional classes to do a Physics and Math double major with a minor in Chemistry. The reason this is appealing to me is that I would be able to take all the math courses I'm interested in and only have to take the Physical Chemistry sequence and a few other chem classes (Orgo 1, Inorg 1, and an intensive lab course) which enables me to largely avoid the side of Chemistry I have no interest in.

    Currently I have a research project in Civil and Environmental Engineering but next school year I'll have a research project with a physical chemistry professor whose interests align with mine. Also, while in high school, among other research, I did work in a local Chemistry lab. I plan to get a research projects in a variety of areas while at MIT but I do plan to get at least two different Chemistry ones.

    I have taken a full Physical Chemistry sequence at a local university in high school and I will be testing out of MIT's Thermodynamics and Physical Chemistry 2 (Intro to Stat. Mech) classes. Also, I am currently taking the graduate level chemistry Statistical Thermodynamics and plan to take the graduate level Chemistry Statistical Mechanics and Kinetics before I graduate.

    My main concern about taking this path is that by religating Chemistry to a minor, I lose my chances getting into a competitive Physical Chemistry graduate school. Anyone have any experience on something like this?
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    Vanadium 50

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    In general, going to graduate school in X when you have majored in Y makes you less competitive than majoring in X. How much less competitive depends on the student and the admissions committee.
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