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Question about 'pricey' books in maths at amazon.

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    is it only me or have you also have seen it that every book in amazon in mathematics that starts like this: 'Handbook of ____' costs at least 100 dollars?
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    I don't find that surprising. Annoying, outrageous, yes, but not surprising. Handbooks are typically rather large books. Medium sized mathematics textbooks typically cost over 100 dollars now, especially higher level texts. Fortunately I no longer have to price calculus texts- I'd hate to think what they cost now. (When I was a freshman in college I was horrified at having to pay $24 for a calculus text! Fortunately, my abacus cost less.)
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    we can help you find used copies of math books that are out of use, but sometimes actually superior to the ones costing high prices on amazon.

    let us know what you are interested in.
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    ebay sometimes has good math books and physics books, but you need to wait a while before you find the one you are looking for

    also if you are a student there may be people in a year or years higher that want to sell their books which u can pick up cheap

    other than that, long term libury books can do the trick
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    Hello. :blushing: Sorry for budding in, but I also find the same difficulty. And I would like to ask for some help.

    I find this problem too. The prices are just too high. But I do not know where to go to find good used books online.

    I have always been interested in mathematics. Sadly I do not even know calculus, outside a short introduction I had to it in a physics course in high school.

    There are two things that I would like to have:

    1. A good book that is on high school level algebra. A pre-calculus book is what I'm looking for. Something that is comprehensive at this level, but is understandable for the layman. (Most of the stuff that I find here is not really comprehensive. I don't want it too complex because my knowledge is limited, but I do want something better then what you get in high schools these days.)

    2. A good introduction book to calculus. I don't want something that will scare me away. Just something that is basic. I emphasis -basic-. Something that is easy to follow. I am a very visual learner --- so something that panders to this is important for me. I would like it to be more then just "steps" to solve idealized textbook problems.......Meaning something that gives me some idea of the concepts and meanings behind calculus.

    Thanks much. :smile:
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    No one has any suggestions...?
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    You can probably find those at your local barnes and noble.... just walk in, go to the math section, and browse for something you like that's not too expensive
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    For a beginning, not very deep introduction to most topics, the "Shaum's outlines" are reasonably priced.
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