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Question about Schrodinger equation

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    Ok, I understand the schrodinger equation for the most part, the thing is though, I dont understand what ∂ means...
    In the equation:(∂^2ψ/∂x^2)+8(pi)m/h^2(E-V)ψ=0
    It pops up two times. The rest of the equation is kinda self explanatory, but I don't know what on earth ∂ means
    please, tell me, the ignorance is killing me.
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    Partial derivative.
    The Schrodinger equation is a partial differential equation (PDE).
    As for what it means, I guess I'll leave it to you to explore yourself :)
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    here is a good description of the equation
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    Partial derivative. Do you know calculus? Its part of calculus, multivariable that is.
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    Partial derivative i.e. if ψ is a function of two variables x and y, then it will be differentiated only with respect to x and the part of the function consisting of variable y will be treated as a constant. You may need to read up on it to fully grasp the concept of partial derivatives
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