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Question about spinor wavefunction

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    The question is the following:
    At one instant, the electron in a hydrogen atom is in the state:

    |phi>=sqrt(2/7) |E_2,1,-1,+> + 1/sqrt(7) |E_1,0,0,-> - sqrt(2/7) |E_1,0,0,+>

    Express the state |phi> in the position representation, as a spinor wavefunction

    How am I supposed to do this?

    Some help would be very appreciated!:shy:
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    Get your script with the Dirac wave functions

    [tex]\psi_{E_2,1,-1,+}(r) = <r|E_2, 1, -1, +>[/tex]

    etc. and calculate the sum.

    Or do you have to solve the hydrogen atom problem first?
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    That is only a part of the state in the position representation, not the spinor wavefunction.
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    what is the difference? can you give us an example what your problem really is? do you already know the solutions (wavefunctions) for the hydrogen atom?
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    The idea here is representing the state as a spinor wavefunction. The solutions are known and dont matter for the case, all you need to do is use the spinor representation.

    The exercise is exactly the one I wrote above. From Principles of Quantum Mechanics by Hans C. Ohanian.
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    I do not see your problem.

    Can you post the three spinor wave functions and explain what you do not understand?
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