Question about tap water in Dallas

  1. What are the facts about water, if I drink water that has mercury in it or led, can it mess up your brain and/or body? also if I drink running water compared to water that has sat in a water bottle for months or more is there a difference and will that effect my body?
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    Yes, mercury and lead are dangerous. Note however that it is a dose that makes the poison - some levels are perfectly acceptable.

    I see no question in your second statement.
  4. what levels are exeptable? and shouldn't there be no mercury or led in there at all. also is bottled water that remained in a bottle for a while or more then a month, relate to my first post please.
  5. I edited my post, see my first post again.
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    No idea - these are defined by the gov agencies, based on the scientific research about possible health problems.

    I doubt you will find a single natural source of water on the whole Earth, that will have water that is chemically pure and doesn't contain traces of every possible element. That's just the way it is. Some sources have higher concentrations, some have lower.

    Chemical composition of the water stored for long should not change (unless it leached something from the tank it was stored in). I would be more afraid of possible bacterial contamination, fresh tap water is typically sterilized and quite safe.
  7. I have read, but cannot provide sources so you have to take this as purely anecdotal, that studies have shown (MUCH to my amazement which is why I remember it) that elements DO leach from plastic water bottles into the water, although over a long period of time (years, not weeks or months) and that this can be unhealthy.
  8. Are you referring to BPA - Bisphenol A. Or leaching in generl from plastics.

    Another option is to not coat bottle caps and metal water bottles or canned food containers with the resin, inviting corrosion of the metal. This can lead to leaching of the metal into the food, or produce tiny holes in the metal inviting bacteria to enter and spoil the food. In many cases this can be more hazardous to health than the leaching of a chemical from the plastic resin lining.

    As always, risk of one plays off against the other.
  9. if I were to drink the water with led or mercury in it, what would happen to my brain and body? would I die instantly?
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    From this article, you can see that its an accumulative effect meaning you're not going to die instantly:

    but you will get very sick after a time.
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    There is no simple, single answer. I told you it is dose that makes the poison. If the level is low enough, nothing will happen. If the level is high, it can kill you in a few days or weeks. If the dose is somewhere between it will lead to a chronic poisoning.
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