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Question about the Unified Field Theory

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    Hi, I`m a noob at physics, but I have a question. does the Unified Field Theory state that when found, it`ll be able to predict the future? Therefore everything in the universe is predetermined, and so you can't change anything. Is it true?

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    In principle yes. In practice, no, it wont make a significant difference to our ability to predict the future.

    Even minimally complex systems obeying plain old Newtons mechanics are, in practice, not predictable.
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    No - it most probably won't. Why would it?
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    like f-h said in principle yes.
    given a state of a bounded region of a system. You can predict local movements. Now consider how many objects are in the system, How much memory you would have to store for each object multiplied by the number of objects gives you the total memory you would require to store a state of teh system. Multiplied by the # of time slices you want inorder to predict some future time. Thats a good chunk of memory. There's also the issue of numerical robustness.
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