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B Einstein's Unified Field Theory - Details

  1. Aug 2, 2017 #1
    I saw a documentary the other day where Michio Kaku said something that really peaked my interest. He said that Einstein in his last days was working on something having to do with how small geometries of some sort being the cause of gravity. Does anyone know the details of Einstein's Unified Field theory? What was his approach and reasoning? What was the physical model that he was using? Any help and insight into this topic would be greatly appreciated. I am fascinated by Einstein and his Unified Field Theory.
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    Documentaries, even by respected scientists, are generally not real science and must be approached with some caution. The Physics Forums rules do not allow them to be cited as authoritative because they aren't - for that you need a real textbook or a peer-reviewed paper.

    As long as you're asking a question about the history of science (what approaches was Einstein pursuing and how did his thinking influence the subsequent development of physics?) this discussion can be interesting and informative... But if you're looking for real understanding of any modern physics from a Michio Kaku video you are looking in the wrong place.
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    Well lets forget about our good friend Michio. Is there anyone out there who is reading this that has any details or information about what Einstein was working on in those last days? Please share any stories or info that you have on the subject of Einstein's Unified Field Theory. What was his approach and reasoning? What was the physical model that he was using?
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    Um, have you googled "einstein unified field theory"? A ton of websites go into detail.
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