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Homework Help: Question based on Lenses -O level/gcse

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    • New poster has been reminded to post schoolwork-type questions in the HH fourms and to use the Template
    Hey can anyone explain this question to me?

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    Andy Resnick

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    Have you tried applying the thin lens equation? Hint: what's the definition of magnification?
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    yeaah i tried using magnification=image/object ratio thing. But idk why in the solution they have taken the length of image as 50. I agree with taking 20 as the length of object but i dont get the taking 50 as the length of image.
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    The location of the image is deterimined by drawing three special light rays from the object through the lens.
    How should such rays be drawn?
    Have you tried constructing such a drawing by say using a scale of 1 cm in the drawing is 2 cm in real life?
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