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Question regarding certification

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    I'm currently a senior two semesters away from graduating with an undergraduate degree in mathematics education and am starting to consider going into the wireless industry (I know this isn't the EE forum, but I don't believe the discipline of engineering really matters).

    My question is: In Pennsylvania do I need a BSEE or can I get a Master's in EE in order to take the Fundamentals of Engineering exam and eventually the Professional Engineering exam?

    If I do need a second BS degree, I'd be unable to complete it at my current institution, and I intend to earn a degree in my current major anyway, so would I have to start from scratch or would general courses and potentially even mathematics courses transfer? I know this is largely dependent on the institution, but does anyone have any insight into the matter or previous experience regarding this situation?

    Edit: I would complete my current degree at my current institution, so at the new institution I'd be entering already having a BS degree.
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    It depends on the rules in PA. They may allow you to take the PE exam with an MSEE (and your undergrad in math) plus the required number of years of experience (after you take and pass the fundamentals exam).

    The requirement is usually longer (in years of experience) for those with science degrees and not engineering degrees (physics for example). But it depends on the State statutes regarding licensing by the State.

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