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Question regarding fields of Mathematics/Physics

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    Hello everyone, new here to these forums. I have a question that I have been thinking over in my head for some time now.

    I am an Undergraduate Student working on my Major in Applied Mathematics and Minor in Physics. My goal is to move on to graduate school, but over the course of my undergrad work I have found that I no longer want to do mathematics, I want to go into Physics for my graduate work.

    I feel though that admission into graduate school will depend a lot upon the work i do in Undergrad. What sort of things do you guys suggest I might want to look into that could improve my chances into getting into a Physics Program?

    Basically I want to know what things in Mathematics might transfer best into physics. Of course I know that they are so similar. What types of research would you suggest that I look into? Im really interested in Quantum Mechanics, but I am just barely getting into it and I know so little. What mathematics could help me better improve my understanding and expertise in the field?
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    For QM, Linear Algebra, PDE and complex variables will be helpful.
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