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Question regarding negative atomic numbers.

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    Hello my name is Dax, I'm currently in the world building stage of a science fiction I am writing and I came here to bounce some questions off of you fine people.

    My question is regarding atomic numbers of elements on the periodic table and weather it could be possible that negative atomic numbers exist and what the speculative implications these negative elements would have on the universe, technology and humanity in general?

    I already know about element-zero in the mass effect universe and some of the implications that has had on FTL travel and a few other sci-fi technologies. Hopefully I can provoke some thought and maybe get a few more ideas for my story.
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    I see you're talking about negative mass. Considering that it is scientific fiction you can invent any properties you want for these elements. However, in reality, it is hard to imagine what it'd look like. I assume that if you throw a -2kg object at someone, the person will be pulled by the object, instead of being pushed? Would it have repulsive gravity?(probably yes) Use your creativity :)

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